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5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V SCVMM Plugin

by 5nine Software

5nine Security plugin for Microsoft System Center VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) provides the ability to seamlessly enable 5nine Security for Hyper-V functionality through the Microsoft System Center VMM controls including:
- Virtual Firewall
- Agentless/host-based Antivirus / Anti Malware
- Intrusion Detection

Agentless/Host-Based Anti-Virus
- You get the industry's fastest initial and incremental scans using 5nine's specialized technology.
- Reduce capital expenditure by increasing VM density 15-30%. The best architecture for Hyper-V virtualization, 5nine Security for Hyper-V Free lets you maximize the resource utilization rate in virtual environments.
- No more anti-virus storms or crashed VMs.
- Save network bandwidth by only updating the AV signature file on the host, not on each VM.

Powerful Kernel Mode Virtual Firewall
- Apply firewall and network filtering policies to new VMs as they are created, or to already provisioned VMs, reducing vulnerability from the moment they come online.
- You can isolate virtual machines on the same host from each other and from the internet, so you can protect one VM's (or customer's) traffic from being visible to another.
- Delivers the most comprehensive real-time traffic filtering available for a virtualized environment.

Centralized management
- Easily manage policies, rules, filters and logs from one location. Consistently apply rules across the environment. Auditing is simplified so you can demonstrate compliance.
- Greatly reduce administration time for deployment, maintenance and updates.

Intrusion Detection System
- Sophisticated intrusion detection system with network anomaly analysis.
- Monitors all traffic inside a switch and uses SNORT engine to check for packet anomalies that could signify potential attacks.

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