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AXtension Enterprise Content Management

by AXtension

Why AXtension® Enterprise Content Management?

AXtension® Enterprise Content Management is a Microsoft Dynamics AX add-on that allows you to manage documents using the advantages of both SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The volume of structured, unstructured, digital and analog information is increasing rapidly. A myriad of business information, be it important or unimportant, confidential or public, is available in many document formats; drawings, manuals, images, quotations, Gantts, Office documents, notes, memos, reports and e-mails. All of this data is used company wide and the extensive variety of documents makes efficient management a highly complex issue. ECM bridges the gap between this unstructured collection of documents and the structured data environment provided by Dynamics AX.

What is AXtension® Enterprise Content Management?

AXtension® Enterprise Content Management:

- Provides each organization with optimal implementation and a seamless answer to their business needs.

- Forms a flexible link between structured and unstructured data and can be linked to several Microsoft Dynamics AX records. A drawing, for instance, can be opened from the article table, a BOMline, the production order and sales line.

- Is integrated into the Dynamics AX platform, as well as the Windows Desktop environment. Each Windows user can upload and download documents without having a Dynamics AX client.

- Provides studio functions.

- The supplier and subcontractor function eliminates the need to e-mail or send hard copies of drawings. You simply send the link to your partner or colleague and they can then download and view the latest released version of the product information.

- Provides a number of specific building PDM functions, such as product categorization, data approval workflow and multi-level checkout.

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