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Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD)

by Vyapin

Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD) is a powerful reporting application enabling IT Administrators to effectively manage their Active Directory environment through actionable reports on configuration information of objects related to Microsoft Active Directory.

ARKAD through its strong value proposition helps you realize:
- Increased ROI: does not mandate additional hardware; saves numerous man-hours in collecting data from the AD environment.
- Leveraged IT investments through optimal resource utilization.
- Secure business environment through reporting capabilities of ARK for Active Directory.

Using ARKAD, you can effectively manage your AD environment through its following features:
- Addresses internal audit and compliance needs such as the HIPPA and SOX.
- Built In reports to retrieve frequently accessed information across Active Directory.
- Summary and detailed information based on "frequency of occurrence" using the Insight tool.
- AD Security Audit: Who has access to what in your AD.
- AD Users and Groups Security information, including complex nested groups and multi-group memberships.
- AD OUs, Delegation of administration, Group policies, Password settings etc.
- Apply complex logical conditions to retrieve specific sub set of information and wildcard based string search to get precise information.

ARKAD has a proven track record of enabling users to report about their Active Directory environment consisting of over 45 domains and 5000+ active users using Active Directory.

ARKAD is a stand out from the rest because of its following differentiators:
- Easy installation and subscription processes.
- Easy integration with existing IT infrastructure without supplementary hardware specifications.
- Easily configurable reports that does not require tedious end-user training.

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