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Admin Report Kit for Internet Information Services (ARKIIS)

by Vyapin

ARKIIS is an incisive reporting tool which presents IIS configuration information across multiple web servers and web sites as actionable reports in the form of Trees, Tables and Views for IIS administrators to act on.

ARKIIS adds value through its strong value proposition:

- Increased ROI: does not mandate additional new hardware; saves numerous man hours.
- Leverage your existing IT investments by optimizing resource utilization.
- Secure business environment: end to end reporting across web servers.
Using ARKIIS, you can effectively manage your web servers through its following features:
- Built in reports enabling users to retrieve frequently used information instantly.
- Prepare and Print tabular management reports to precisely define, view, print and present IIS configuration reports.
- String and number based Quick Filter option to search data swiftly.
-Advanced Filter option allowing the user to generate meaningful information across selected fields.
- Powerful conditional queries to get a narrow subset of information.
- Scheduled offline export and flexible export options to export reports in multiple formats.

ARKIIS has a proven track record of enabling users to report about the IIS configuration information of more than 600+ websites.

ARKIIS stands out from the rest through its following differentiators:
- Easy installation and subscription processes.
- Easy integration with existing infrastructure without requiring supplementary hardware specifications.
- Easy to use GUI that does not mandate tedious end user training.

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