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Functional Collaboration

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Improve efficiency and productivity by leveraging your existing data communication infrastructure and the wide acceptance of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. In many organizations and workflows lots of time is spent to find out the right person with the right skill when needed.

A typical search activity involves several people and phone calls in order to identify the right person that is available at the right time and in the right place. People involved in the search process might be interrupted while performing other tasks, thus increasing inefficiency. A first answer to this problem is “skill search”, anyway, once the list of people matching is provided, all the selection process is generally left to the user again.
Mida Functional Collaboration system is an easy to use yet effective solution that provides skill search functionalities combined with workforce management, presence and instant messaging, thus enabling fast connections between workers, based on their availability, function, skill and optionally also GPS position.

The proposed approach leverages the colaboration features of Microsoft Lync Server, such as istant messaging, voice and video, Lync advanced presence features and the possibility to federate the system with other application servers.

Functional collaboration is applicable to many different vertical sectors and practical implementations include healthcare, public service coordination and enterprise. Tangible cost savings can be easily tracked and documented by evaluating the reduction on time spent by employee on phone calls; management highlights the great benefits of getting less interruptions during the daily life, thus confirming a great increase on organization efficiency provided by the system.

The system can be delivered on premises as a virtual appliance or in case can be placed in the cloud using the Windws Azure infrastructure capabilities.

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