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GL Wand is a formula based tool for reporting on financial information in the Oracle General Ledger or SAP Financials. GL Wand manages the information flow between Oracle Financials and SAP Financials and Excel in a secure, single version of the truth and highly productive manner.

Most Oracle Financials and SAP Financials users already have and know how to use Microsoft Excel. GL Wand simply makes the Excel interface highly productive by eliminating manual refreshes and placing your Set of Books information at your fingertips. This results in shorter reporting cycles, quicker month end closes and an enhanced experience when using Oracle Financials or SAP Financials.

The tight integration with Oracle and SAP means you have the following benefits using GL Wand:

- Log on using your normal applications user name and password
- Utilise Oracle Security or SAP Security rules to manage who has access to what data
- Report using the defined parent hierarchies in Oracle or SAP
- Centralised management of settings using Oracle or SAP profile options
- All your lists of values are available in GL Wand for segments, periods, budget names, encumbrance types etc
- Report on Oracle or SAP summary accounts
- Report on segment value descriptive flexfields
- Support for dependant segments in the accounting flexfield
- Support for Oracle release 11.5.7 to and Release 12 or SAP 4.7, ERP 2004/ECC 5.0, ERP 2005/ECC 6.0 system.

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