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Human Plus

by Right Group
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    Windows 7 Enterprise
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Right Group Human Plus and payroll solution is the most generic system in terms of application and the most specialized in terms of features.
It is designed to cover areas of human resources for varying nationalities, in different activities. It supports every step of the payroll calculation cycle. Moreover, it handles multiple departments, locations, sites and companies.

Our Human Resources System works hand-in-hand with HR department of any size of organizations to reduce paperwork, centralize information, and enhance ROI.
Efficiency through user defined companies (up to 99 companies) simultaneously.
Human Plus key features:
• Flexibility through user defined payroll items, overtime, tax, and others. Possibility of amending payroll calculation at any time.
• Flexible and practical usage through processing different calculation methods for payroll items.
• Ability to add or delete items, whether allowances or deductions for an employee or a group of employees including emergency factors, overtime and allowances.
• Easy to get monthly and annual reconciliation reports for tax, installment, and others.
• Accurate and easy workflow by converting payroll items to each employee account in banks and in different currencies.
• Online auditing and revision through printing total and detailed reports per payroll item, job, department, employee, location, site and company.
• Save time and effort through automatic integration with general ledger, personnel and attendance systems thereby generating reports based on employee data, performance and payroll statistics.

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