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Invest for Excel

by Datapartner Oy

Invest for Excel is the software solution for capital budgeting and valuation that is used in over 1,000 organizations, 40 countries worldwide. The tool combines the knowledge of discounted cash flow methodology, International accounting standards and best practices in capital budgeting. Invest for Excel is independent of industry or the size of business. It is used by small and medium businesses, public utilities and by private investors. But even more often it serves as the corporate standard selected by big multinational organizations for its investment planning process.

The software enables managers, investment analysts, controllers, investors and also production, marketing or engineer teams to:

- Prepare professional and complete cash flow models, profitability and sensitivity analysis;
- Introduce transparency and comparability in analytical calculations;
- Standardize investments analysis process in the whole organization, assuring that the best projects for realizations are selected.

The customer references include for example: Daimler (producer of Mercedes-Benz cars), Stora Enso (pulp & paper), Family Dollar Stores (retail chain with over 7000 stores), Neste Oil, PKN Orlen (oil companies), Outokumpu (metal), KGHM Polish Copper (mining) or Kemira (chemical multinational company).

The advantage of Invest for Excel:

Invest for Excel is the solution for any organization that understands the importance of reliable capital investment analysis or business valuation. Far from being the necessary evil, investment calculation is a crucial step to assure the management of the company's funds in the most profitable way.

The key success factors of Invest for Excel are:

- It is easy to use and fast to learn
- It is as flexible as Excel, but offers far more than that
- It has numerous applications - from simple profitability calculations to corporate finance

You can concentrate on the input variables and stop losing time on building each time ‘project individual' profitability reports or sensitivity analyses. Invest for Excel calculations are also project specific, the crucial difference is that most of the complex modeling is ready!

The outstanding possibilities of Invest for Excel will change your way of thinking about building cash flow calculation models.

We are modern with approach, but strict with regulations. Invest for Excel is in line with IFRS standards.

Invest for Excel Enterprise Edition includes SharePoint integration features.

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