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Actual Multiple Monitors

by Actual Tools International

Actual Multiple Monitors is the unique toolkit which improves the usability of Windows user interface and make the work with multi-monitor setups much more comfortable and effective.

Powerful yet easy-to-use, the program adds a copy of the original Windows Taskbar onto each secondary display, simplifying and unifying the task management on all monitors. Each such copy can either display only the tasks running on the same monitor or mirror the contents of main Taskbar. Moreover, each secondary taskbar can display the Start button, the notification area (system tray), any toolbars (like Quick Launch, etc.) and the clock. Also, there is an ability to clone the Alt-Tab Task Switcher window on each monitor to get rid of turning user's attention to the primary monitor every time he/shee needs to switch tasks.

Actual Multiple Monitors greatly enhances window management within the expanded screen space with such usability tools as quick switching windows between monitors via special button in each window's title bar or via hotkeys, easy dragging/sizing windows by an arbitrary point, snapping windows to desktop boundaries and to each other (sticky borders), making any window span the entire desktop or fit monitor's width/height - and many others.

Actual Multiple Monitors runs on all Windows platforms from Windows 2000 onwards (including 64-bit editions). It achieved the official "Compatible with Windows 7" logo and successfully passed the "Microsoft Platform Ready - Windows 7" tests.

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