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Hosted Exchange 2013/2010 (0 Reviews)
Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading email and collaboration solution, helping organizations to communicate, share, organize and plan more efficiently. If you lack the resources to efficiently...
Hosted Sharepoint 2013/2010 (0 Reviews)
SharePoint is the most popular, secure and cost-effective web-based collaboration platform in the world. Designed to help organizations organize, share and collaborate more efficiently, SharePoint can be...
Hyper.Net SharePoint Document Conversion Services (0 Reviews)
Intelligent Document Conversion and Publishing Web Services for SharePoint Everything you need to centralize and completely automate the process of converting, re-purposing and publishing documents in...
Release Date: 8/8/2012
Version: 6.4
Hyper.Net: The eManual Engine for SharePoint (0 Reviews)
The Hyper.Net eManual Engine for SharePoint delivers everything you need to completely automate and orchestrate the process of converting and re-purposing manuals, newsletters, policies and procedures and...
Release Date: 8/8/2012
Version: 6.4
Hyper.Net: The PDF/A Compliance Module for Documents and eMail (0 Reviews)
The Hyper.Net PDF/A Compliance Module delivers the most comprehensive PDF solution-building power on the market. Metadata stamping, watermarking, page orientation detection, computed metadata, placeholder...
Release Date: 10/2/2012
Version: 6.4
Inspire (0 Reviews)
GMC Inspire is an enterprise communication platform enabling your business to consistently deliver relevant personalized messages, at the right time through the preferred channel. This intelligent use of...
Release Date: 3/1/2014
Version: 9.0
Intelligent Capturing System (0 Reviews)
Through discussions and our in-depth understanding, we have identified some pressing issues that affect many businesses with operations involving numerous document imaging and processing. • The current...
Invantive Composition - complex documents made easy (0 Reviews)
Invantive Composition merges high-quality data in your enterprise databases with proven templates into Microsoft Word documents. Invantive Composition improves efficiency and reduces errors and costs in...
Release Date: 11/25/2013
Version: 2014R1
Iside (0 Reviews)
Iside is a hash function or message digest computing tool. Its main features are: - Hash code displaying for any file - Hash based files and folders comparison - File integrity check - Computes and...
Release Date: 1/23/2013
Version: 4.1
IT-Blocks Backlog Scanning System (IBBSS) (0 Reviews)
IT-BLOCKS Backlog Document Indexing Software is designed to index piled up documents and organizes it in folders and sections to be migrated to a content management system.   Client-Server Architecture •...
Release Date: 6/1/2008
Version: 4.1