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Mega technology trends are changing how people work today: the cloud, mobile, social, and big data, are all impacting how businesses engage with their customers, partners, and employees in order to better compete. Microsoft is thinking about all of these trends individually and as they relate to one another. In the case of cloud computing, we think of it as a key step toward helping our customers achieve better business agility, economics, and user experiences. We also know that for today’s CIOs and technology leaders, the cloud presents an opportunity to rethink the role IT plays in defining a business’ strategy. Because of its power to fundamentally change how businesses operate and compete, the cloud is a game changer for the enterprise.
A Better Experience for Users and IT

At Microsoft, our goal is to help you achieve the right balance. We’re delivering a range of Windows-based devices—from smartphones to tablets to PCs—that people love to use and that are ready for the enterprise. Having more devices means increased complexity, so our focus is on minimizing that complexity. For IT, an end-to-end security and management platform can simplify how you respond to the consumerization of IT, regardless of the devices that your users bring into work. For users—whether they are working on a PC, from a tablet or phone, or through a browser—having familiar tools can help them stay productive. And for your developers, it’s all about putting user-centric experiences at the heart of application development and enabling faster development across devices.

Anywhere Application Access: Balancing Productivity and Control
John Soat, TechWeb Contributing Editor

Back in 1985, the corporate interloper was a beige box with a big square head and a glowing, blinking eye. That was the PC, and it forced its way into the corporate environment, in many instances, through the will of workers who wanted access to better tools and more information.

Today, there is a new set of corporate interlopers — these either slightly bigger than a candy bar or a pad of paper — and they’re coming into the corporate environment the same way the PC did, and with the same agenda. End users are purchasing smartphones, slates and tablets to increase their productivity, and are demanding access to corporate resources through them.

Norm Fjeldheim, CIO for Qualcomm, expressed the challenges of dealing with the new, empowered mobile workforce in a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. “

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