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CTI for MS-CRM Integration

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Lambert Consulting Sàrl developed for you “CTI for MS-CRM Integration». It offers a convivial and flexible interface between call centers (PBX) TAPI, OCS or Lync, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, 2011 and Online. Thereby it allows to accelerate the access of users and/or teleoperators of enterprise customers Information.

When receiving an incoming call, it automatically displays the record (lead, account or contact) of the caller. If any, it proposes the automatic creation of a new activity associated with the phone number, if this one is not found in MS-CRM.

On outgoing calls, it offers the possibility to call the contact directly from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web interface. The search function "CTI for MS-CRM Integration" allows searches multi display more efficient (both leads, contacts, companies ..) and carried directly into the CRM database.

In addition, many configuration options are customizable. This includes functions of specific researches, the "look and feel" and optimization researches.

CTI for MS-CRM is therefore your complementary and essential tool for you phone solutions and your Microsoft CRM.

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