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PRAS Consulting

Cloud Solutions

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Having a long experience in providing hosting solutions based on Microsoft infrastructure, PRAS Consulting offers collaboration and communication services as well as IT infrastructure management solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Windows Intune. Our expertise covers everything from consultancy in choosing the best option for cloud/local deployment and infrastructure design to post implementation support services.

The PRAS consultants have implemented a large number of deployments of Microsoft public cloud for clients of all sizes, being awarded ‘’The Best Partner for Public Cloud in Financial Year 2011’’ by Microsoft. Our projects include both simple configurations and hybrid complex configurations which integrate on premises services in the client’s network with cloud services.

The knowledge acquired throughout the years in implementing diverse projects based on Microsoft technologies as well as the experience in implementing cloud solutions allow us to provide the best option for the client in terms of security, cost effectiveness and ease in operating either in the cloud or on premises.

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