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As a service provider, do you make your software infrastructure available for other companies or private users? If yes, you are obligated to utilize/utilise special licensing programs for service providers.
For your customers, the leasing of software over the long term is an efficient, flexible and cost-effective alternative which makes it possible to always deploy the most current solutions.
Whether it’s Microsoft SPLA, VMware VSPP or programs from other publishers, there are unique legal licensing requirements service providers must follow to ensure their compliance.
SoftwareONE is an authorized/authorised Microsoft Partner for SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement). We are helping Service Providers and Hosters reach out to their clients to ensure they are making the most of their Microsoft licensing agreements and the opportunity to move to cloud services.
Benefits of SPLA:
- Customers have access to the most current versions of Microsoft software
- Usage-based pricing offers predictable monthly costs solely on what you’ve made available for customers
- The minimal startup costs assists with cash flow management
- SPLA pricing is stable with changes only occurring once a year
- SPLA licensing allows you to use Microsoft software to provide your services to customers in any part in the world regardless of your location
Why work with SoftwareONE:
- A Non-Competitive Partnership – we focus solely on software licensing
- SoftwareONE’s web platform provides centralized/centralised management and 24x7 access to ensure complete control and visibility
- If you manage clients that have an international presence our global reach and internal processes will ensure a consistent level of service

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