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ClickDimensions Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
ClickDimensions Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads while providing sales the ability to prioritize the best leads and...
Release Date: 14/9/2010
ConsultCRM: Excel Data Import Tool (0 Reviews)
The new enhanced Enterprise Edition features full CRM integration available from within Excel, with CRM data CRM accessed via Excel Import Tool's Mapping Manager. Simple drag and drop between CRM...
Release Date: 29/11/2011
Version: v5.1
Data Manipulation Framework for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
Data Manipulation Framework allows you to add formula fields to Dynamics CRM. All editable fields in Dynamics CRM are turned into potential calculated attributes, where the value can be prefilled by the...
Release Date: 1/7/2010
Version: 2013, 2011 en 4.0
Document Output, Assembly and Delivery for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
Xpertdoc specializes in automating document output for client communications: - Quotes - Contracts - Manufacturing checklists - Invoices - Statements - Business reviews - General correspondence - Call...
Release Date: 1/10/2013
Version: 2.0.7
Retail CRM Solution for Membership and Loyalty
IBIZCS’ Retail CRM solution is built on both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint platform. The CRM for Retail solution enables retailers to better understand customer shopping patterns, preferences, and...
Release Date: 1/2/2012
Version: 1
AIM@CRM-Loyalty Solution (0 Reviews)
1.      To provide a central contact database by importing or data entry into the  customer/contact database with auto dedup process that identify duplicated contacts. With dedup process, no duplicated...
Release Date: 2/8/2010
Version: 4
Aura Addons CRM Email Attachment Quick Download: Download Files from same screen with 1 Click. No Popups. (0 Reviews)
  Purpose Email integration is a key functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM users in Sales, Marketing or Service rely heavily on CRM’s email functionality when interacting with clients....
AXIOM SMS Notification and Reminder System (0 Reviews)
AXIOM SMS Notification and Reminder System is fully integrated with Microsoft office 365, offering a complete integrated user experience. The solution allows enterprise customers to set their calendar...
BizWorkz (e-Marketing - Email & SMS) (0 Reviews)
Checking Emails has already become an everyday routine for most people. Therefore, it has also become a very handy marketing tool. The E-Marketing Bundle Pack contains an email blast as well as an...
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Event Management (0 Reviews)
IBIZ Consulting services's Event Management solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and technologies, is ideal for organizers and planners of exhibitions, seminars, courses, conferences and...
Release Date: 1/2/2012
Version: 1