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ConsultCRM: Excel Data Import Tool (0 Reviews)
The Excel Import Tool for Microsoft CRM is the ideal enhancement for users of CRM who import data on a regular basis. Simple drag and drop between CRM Entities/Fields and Excel cells speeds the mapping...
Release Date: 29/11/2011
Version: v5.1
AIM@CRM-Loyalty Solution (0 Reviews)
1.      To provide a central contact database by importing or data entry into the  customer/contact database with auto dedup process that identify duplicated contacts. With dedup process, no duplicated...
Release Date: 2/8/2010
Version: 4
EasiSMS - EasiWorkgroup 2010 (0 Reviews)
TOP ENTERPRISE BENEFITS OF EASIWORKGROUP 2010 Extend messaging solution to anyone with a browser and save implementation costs. Messaging can be made available to anyone in the organisation...
Email to SMS Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server - EasiSMTP (0 Reviews)
EasiSMTP is a robust windows service that converts email (*.eml) sent by Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook & other email clients into SMS instantly. Emails are sent to a predefined email alias e.g....
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Event Management (0 Reviews)
IBIZ Consulting services's Event Management solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and technologies, is ideal for organizers and planners of exhibitions, seminars, courses, conferences and...
Release Date: 1/2/2012
Version: 1
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Service Management (0 Reviews)
IBIZCS’ Service Management built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution that brings together information, processes, and resources required to effectively manage service cases. This solution helps...
Release Date: 1/2/2012
Version: 1
Rapid Implementation for Retail (0 Reviews)
IBIZ Consulting Services provides professional services and consulting for Retail business. We specialise on LS retail solution. LS Retail is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV; therefore, the POS, back...
Release Date: 3/1/2012
Version: 6.3
Send SMS with Outlook add-in and Excel add-in (0 Reviews)
Excel Add-in Sending bulk SMS will be very convenient as you can do it directly from the Microsoft Excel program. If you have the habit of storing or exporting address list to an excel file and your...
Actual Contacts for Outlook (0 Reviews)
Actual Contacts for Outlook is an add-in for updating your address book and monitoring validity of e-mail addresses in contacts. Select the contacts you would like to update, and add-in for Oulook will...
Add Contacts (0 Reviews)
Add Contacts is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that automatically adds e-mail addresses to the contact folder when you reply to a message and/or send a new message. This add-on for Microsoft Outlook...