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E-Consulting was founded in April 2001 (firstly the company bore the name Everest Consulting). Since that time the company has been systems integrator in the IT-market. Andrey Bezgubenko is the founder of the company and from the beginning of its existence has acted as the president of company.

In 2006 E-Consulting received status of MBS Microsoft Business Solution. Since 2006 E-Consulting has occupied the leading position in the Ukrainian market in the area of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In 2008 the company cut down on all supplementary branches of business and focused exclusively on projects involving implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

During 10 years E-Consulting has repeatedly been honored with the title “partner of the year” in the local nominations of Microsoft.

In 2009 the solution XRM Insurance for insurance enterprises, developed on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, was declared the best among 2000 solutions of Microsoft partners all over the world. The solution was included in the list of finalists in the nomination Microsoft Dynamics Financial Services Partner and received status of Finalist Partner of the Year 2009 Microsoft Dynamics Financial Services.

The solution for stadium Donbas Arena was admitted as a standard for all the stadiums which take part in European soccer championship Euro-2012, that will be hosted by Ukraine and Poland in 2012.

For the time being E-Consulting has the largest team of certified consultant of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Europe.

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