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Windows 8 Is Here! Five Ways Your Business Can Benefit
Built to provide speed, multi-device access and touch-screen capabilities, Windows 8 also packs groundbreaking advancements in mobile productivity and security. Read more about the top benefits.
Back Up Your PC Investment via the Cloud with Windows Intune
You’ve invested heavily in your organization’s PCs, and you need to ensure top performance. Windows Intune—Microsoft's integrated, cloud-based client management solution—gives you the tools to do the job.
Streamline Sales, Create Great Customer Experiences with Dynamics CRM
It’s no secret that employee productivity and impact depend largely on having the right tools. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers—not only centralized, intuitive means to streamline service processes and escalations, but tools for uncovering and analyzing sales trends and tracking the pipeline. Read about these and other benefits.
Get the Most from SharePoint—from Implementation and Beyond
As an information sharing, document management and workflow platform, and a business process management framework and development foundation, SharePoint packs a lot of punch. Get the most from your investment by applying best practices, such as customizing features, strategically migrating data, and keeping users up to date.
Four Steps to Effectively Manage Off-Site Workers
As more organizations turn to vendor companies and contractors to streamline costs and productivity, holding face–to–face meetings or walking down the hall to check in with team members is not always an option. Get tips for providing guidance and management to remote workers. 
Top Three Tips for Staying In Tune with Customers
With today’s fast pace and uncertain economy, staying in touch with customers and expanding your professional network can pay off through stronger relationships and leads on new opportunities. It can also help you stand apart from competitors.
10 Tips to Protect Your Computers from Viruses
Sometimes viruses are simply a hassle and time-consumer. In the worst cases they can mean a total reinstallation of your operating system—and sometimes damage to your hardware. Revisit your company’s virus and malware protection.


Why Work with a Microsoft Partner?
Why should businesses hire a Microsoft partner for service and support? We asked Geeman Yip, CEO of MigrationWiz, a partner delivering software as a service (SaaS) solutions, to explain how Microsoft customers can benefit from working with a partner.
Fortify Your Business with Microsoft BI
Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions can help your IT department empower your employees with self-service capabilities while retaining the ability to monitor, manage, and govern the data and solutions your teams create.
Realize the Benefits of Cloud Computing with Office 365
In today’s economy, the cliché “time is money” has never been truer. Businesses are getting busier while their resources fluctuate. With Office 365, you get the tools to weather these changes.
Maximize Your Search Engine Marketing Success—Three Tips
Beyond a solid, ongoing strategy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are ways every business can maximize the results of its Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts. Reach potential customers and get the best exposure for your money—or for free.
Three Ways to Secure Your Remote Workforce
With more than 1 billion people worldwide now working remotely, safeguarding corporate networks from attacks and other security breaches is more important than ever.


Five Reasons IT Pros Need Microsoft System Center
Microsoft System Center is a set of integrated solutions that provide seamless management of all aspects of both physical and virtual IT infrastructures, allowing IT departments to function more effectively and efficiently. Here are the top reasons System Center solutions give you the power to create and manage the best IT environment for your organization’s dynamic needs.
Four Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Windows Azure
For many companies, the best strategy to improve the efficiency, reduce the costs and enhance the security of their IT infrastructure is cloud computing using Windows Azure.


Six Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization
Most customers find your Web site via a search engine’s results page. Here are six ways you can improve your rankings and generate more traffic to your site.
Making SEM and SEO Work for You
Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are critical to business success. This article is the first in a three-part series that defines the two practices, and provides guidance on improving your company’s visibility in search results.
Introducing the Pinpoint Applications Marketplace
The first phase of Pinpoint’s dynamic application marketplace is here, giving you greater access to software apps based on Microsoft technologies that address your specific business needs.
Seven Tips for Improving Online Technology Solution Sales
Attracting customers online is essential for any business, but it’s especially important if you are selling technology products or services through your website. Here are some specific ways you can engage prospects on your site and start generating more sales.
Enhance Your Staying Power in a Down Economy
As economic uncertainty continues, remaining upbeat, understanding your organization’s key business indicators, and trying new ways to differentiate yourself can enhance your staying power.
Nine Tips for Easy, Low-Cost Marketing
In today’s competitive market, promoting your company and distinguishing yourself from competitors is essential. These quick tips can help you spread the word about your quality products and services, even if time and resources are tight.
Eight Tips for Improving Productivity (and Revenues)
There’s no doubt that market conditions are impacting businesses, but for many companies that’s not the full story. The downfall of some firms has hastened through long-standing business practices that can’t weather uncertainty. At the same time, other companies are coping, even thriving.
Nine Tips for Standardizing Business Processes
Clear, consistent processes are imperative for a successful business. Standardized processes help you better manage the quality of your offerings, reliably meet deadlines, easily train and integrate new people, and effectively adapt your processes as your business grows.