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AcornaERP (Jordan/Amman)

by AcornaSolutions

Aacorna ERP is a bilingual ERP System which can be used through LAN and WAN to enter and keep track of different transactions.
Aacorna ERP is an integrated information system, based on Accounting Standards and laws, and constitutes of several components that are seamlessly integrated to serve all departments within an enterprise. The system follows up the financial accounts and its transactions, provides up to date balance for stock items, keeps track of debit and credit status for any customer or vendor and provides a wide range of reports which identify a company’s financial position at any time.
Aacorna ERP offers a fully integrated, complete set of multi-function software solutions that provide enterprises with a comprehensive view of all sections and departments of the enterprise. Moreover the system provides full control of all activities within the enterprise and as well as complete visibility into their finances, and inventory so as to provide control over all transactions and locations whilst simultaneously increasing the efficiency of an enterprise's operations. It is intended to allow enterprises close their books faster, make better business decisions based on real-time data and reduce the overall cost of running the enterprise. In addition, the availability of comprehensive reporting units can increase speed and transparency, helping enterprises meet todays precise and well-defined corporate governance demands.
The system’s main modules include: Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Fixed Assets Management, Manufacturing Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Human Resources (HR) Management.
1. Multi-company system.
2. Multi-user with high level of security and permission where user privileges are granted or restricted on all of AcornaERP functions.
3. Multi-currency system.
4. Bilingual system at screen and data level with auto-language selection by the field to ensure speed and easy input.
5. Multi-levels of cost and profit centers with the possibility of distributing the same transaction in multiple ways on cost and profit centers within each level.
6. Intuitive design, with uniform screen layouts, leads to easy and automatic learning and inspire the user of screen functionalities.
7. Comprehensive integration between system modules.
8. Customized reports that can be easily configured in terms of appearance of the banner, showing the contents, adjusting margins, allowing printing on

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