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Adeaca Corp.

Advanced Projects PSO - Complete Project ERP for Professional Service Industries

by Adeaca Corp.

As a professional services firm you understand that the value you bring to your clients is in the unique knowledge and experience of your people. Ensuring the right resources are available at the right time and place, with the right skillsets, is an ongoing balancing act. Advanced Projects® PSO for Microsoft Dynamics AX is specially designed to help you overcome these challenges and promote an efficient and collaborative organization.

Advanced Projects PSO™ for professional services provides a holistic and project centric approach to efficiently managing all parts of your projects life cycle, operational as well as administrative.

Advanced Projects® PSO with Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a complete project ERP solution that delivers best in class capabilities focused on the following project disciplines:
- Project Management
- Project Resource Management
- Project & Portfolio Analytics
- Project Costing
- Project Workflow Management
- Project Collaboration
- Project Supply Chain
- Project Billing

Advanced Projects® PSO will help you with:
◾Consolidate all critical business processes into a single integrated application
◾Optimize performance and increase utilization
◾Facilitate collaboration across practices and with vendors and suppliers
◾Quickly respond to scope changes and other external project impacts
◾Create consistency in your bidding and quoting processes
◾Accurately predict budget variance and financial performance of your complete project portfolio
◾Reduce administrative work and non-billable time spent supporting projects

Advanced Projects is a native solution to Microsoft Dynamics AX, fully integrated and extends standard Dynamics AX project modules I+II and III (a.k.a. PSA or Services Industries).

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