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Analyse-it Software, Ltd.

Analyse-it - statistical analysis and charting software for Microsoft Excel

by Analyse-it Software, Ltd.

Building on the industry-standard spreadsheet, Analyse-it extends Excel with statistics and charts for visualising, describing and testing hypotheses on your data. The ease-of-use of Analyse-it, combined with the power of Excel, makes a formidable statistics package.

With the easy-to-read Help and Getting Started tutorials you'll be using Analyse-it on your own data in under 10 minutes. That's probably why Analyse-it is used in almost every industry imaginable and on so many university courses (see our selected customer list).

- Describe samples, distributions, correlations and relationships
- Visualise relationships, distributions and differences with new Excel charts
- Test difference, change, correlation, agreement or prediction hypotheses
- Integrated into Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 & 2010.
- Accurate, reliable statistics, not built on Excel functions
- Ready-to-print publication quality reports
- Jargon-free statistical reference, help and tutorials
- A proven product over the last 10 years
- Statistics and charts you need

Analyse-it Standard edition provides statistics to describe and test hypotheses, with powerful charts (not available in Excel) to visualize your data.

Describe – visualise and describe a sample, or test hypotheses about the mean, proportion or randomness of a sample.
Compare – visualise and describe differences between samples, or test hypotheses about the difference between means, variances, or proportions.
Correlation – visualise and describe associations between variables, or test hypotheses about the strength of association.
Regression – visualise and describe the relationship between variables, or test hypothesis about which model fits your data best.
Agreement – visualise and describe agreement between methods.

Work within the familiar Excel environment:

Why learn how to use a complex statistics package? Staying in the familiar Excel environment means there is virtually no learning curve!

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Screenshot 1 out of 1