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Gap Consulting

Auto Number for Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRMOnline

by Gap Consulting

The Gap Consulting Auto Number solution has been designed as a single code base, for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online, On-Premise, and Partner Hosted deployment scenarios.

Auto Number provides you with the ability to generate Auto Numbers based on your business requirements.

It’s easy to use Auto Number as there is no need to use the plug-in registration tool, and no requirement to know the technical names of entities or fields.

This release is fully functional, and installs by default in Trial Mode where 1 in every 10 Auto Number requests will generate random text. Trial Mode can be removed by applying a license key for your CRM Organisation.

Benefits & Features;

- Create easy to read reference numbers for your business areas in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- No programming knowledge required. Import the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Auto Number solution, and be up and running in minutes!
- Tested as Microsoft Platform Ready for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
- Compatible with Sandbox mode to provide support for CRM Online
- Unique locking approach implemented to reduce the risk of duplicate numbers being created
- Supports standard and customisable entities and fields. Select an Entity and Field from a list, no need to manually type in technical information.
- Auto Numbers are created for all records through the CRM User Interface, SDK, or offline clients (which get their auto number when synchronising)
- Customise the starting number, increment value, prefix or suffix for each Auto Number Definition
- Preview the Auto Number via the Auto Number Definition form

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