BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator GmbH

BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator

by BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator GmbH
  • App Type

    Developer Tool
  • Business Need

    Data Analytics, Reporting, Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Works With

    Microsoft SQL Server 64-Bit, SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition, SQL Server 2008 Web Edition
  • Industry Focus

    Architecture, Engineering & Construction

BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator is a Visual Studio Add-In, which generates custom-defined SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)-packages. BIA can be used where ever data needs to be extracted, loaded or transformed. Through the SSIS-generator the user is gaining maximum quality compared to manually generated SSIS-packages. Time consuming generation and servicing of SSIS-packages is not necessary, this is reducing time and cost, not only in the development, but also in running the system.

Time for development is reduced to about 50%.
The approach on 3 levels achieves a reduction of the development time during the development itself as well as minimized time for maintenance:

1. Template based approach: many possible templates are already within the scope of supply. These cover the most common integration scenarios. Of course it is possible to modify these or create a custom made template.

2. Flexible SSIS-generator: instead of having to generate SSIS packages manually, the SSIS-generator creates those through the templates automatically. Should there be a change on the ETL-process, may it be the templates or the source system, the packages are updated via the generator (up to now this had to be done manually).

3. Integrated documentation: the user is creating a complete, totally up to date documentation of his Data Warehouse.

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