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Blue solutions

Brand Development Fund Accounting Solution

by Blue solutions

The "Blue solutions" are experts in implementing and servicing MS Dynamics AX for companies, which work in the fields of agri-business, manufacturing, services, construction and engineering.

Brand Development Fund (BDF) accounting solution is designed for wholesale and retail companies aiming to account and have clear information about the funds / measures allocated by suppliers and by the company itself for brand development and promotion, the use of these funds and their impact on trade results.

The add-on enables the description and tracking of the funds allocated by suppliers and the funds formed upon the initiative of the company itself as well as the funds used for the calculation of turnover discounts. The module allows to account for the different ways of usage of fund’s resources, set needed comercial conditions and provides instruments for data analysis.

Development roadmap:
-basic version is developed for AX 03;
-adoption for AX 2009 can be done upon request;
-adoption for AX 2012 is scheduled for the year 2013.

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