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Business Intelligence. AddOn 20006800

by NAV.COM K.Langier, G.Kowalik Sp.k.

Module „Business intelligence” was created in order to enabling the fast and simple financial analysis of the enterprise, based on given accountant data registered in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It enables generating and analysis of reports and financial ratios for previous periods and creating the simulation of reports based on real, planned or forecast data.

Key Business Benefits:

- more informed business decisions
- multidimensional view of financial data
- controlling critical financial ratios
- estimating future business situations
- identifying patterns and trends
- less time needed to develop key conclusions

Analyses of financial statements:
Horizontal analysis – exploring individual positions with reference to last periods (dynamics of changes and the increase), and vertical – survey on the structure, in it also for periods.

Ratio analysis:
Defining, automatic calculating financial ratios, and in it financial liquidity, effectivenesses (for example: using the wealth), solvency, profitabilities, Cash Flow.

Collecting and filtering data with many dimensions, in the purpose to the identification of factors affecting the results or the relations.

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