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CRM for debt collection

by TotalSoft

Charisma Collection is a powerful software solution, especially designed for solving any management activity of debit collection, as well as for the repossession and remarketing process. This platform will lead to the increase of the debt collection process efficiency, the increase of cash and the decrease of costs with managing customers' receivables.

Charisma Collection suite includes a series of modules covering areas specific to the debit collection process. Thus, Collection module is dedicated to debt collection, Legal module optimizes the management of moral or physical damage collection, Repossession module optimizes the management of the collected assets, as well as the additional fines the consumer should pay for covering the seller's cost of repossession, and Remarketing module optimizes the collection and reselling flow for the collected assets.

These modules work as standalone applications, but when integrated they make the most powerful, high-end and implemented debt collection solution.

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