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Charisma ERP

by TotalSoft

Charisma ERP 2013 is an integrated information system for companies’ resource management to optimize and streamline the internal business processes. Charisma ERP is a multi-module system, specially designed to standardize the productive or decision-making processes by introducing the best practices specific to each business sector. The product is the best-selling integrated information system in the mid-market segment in Romania.

The flexibility and ease of adapting to Romanian law and business environment has turned Charisma ERP solution into the best -selling integrated information system in the Romanian mid-market level. Currently, Charisma ERP supports the operations of the most powerful organizations in areas such as distribution, retail, sales and purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, medical-pharmaceutical, construction or services.

Over the last three years, TotalSoft has ranked first among top ERP providers in Romania, according to the market research company, Pierre Audoin Consultants.

Charisma ERP system has complex implementations in 19 countries such as Austria, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Moldavia, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria and Senegal.

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