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DATAFIRST SAS Leading expert in I.T solutions for the Automobile Distribution sector

DMS eCARS21: Auto Distribution Management Software Solution

by DATAFIRST SAS Leading expert in I.T solutions for the Automobile Distribution sector
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Point of Sale, Retail Systems
  • Works With

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2008
  • Industry Focus


Our world is constantly changing, and car Dealers therefore need to provide themselves with the means necessary to remain profitable in order to retain control over the future of their businesses.

A number of performance-impovement strategies can be implemented, such as:

- Distributing new brands,
- Buying new points of sale,
- Increasing operational and relationship marketing efforts,
- Implementing processes designed to improve the productivity and quality of after-sales service,
- Cost reductions at all levels.

DATAFIRST'S Response: eCARS21 DMS - a complete, multi-company, Manufacturer-approved DMS solution.

Covering all your activities:

eCARS21 DMS includes four main modules sharing the same data: VEHICLE SALES Module, WORKSHOP Module, SHOP Module and REPORTING Module, managed via a general administration module.
Depending on the country, the acounting module uses a benchmark accounting and financial solution. A two-way interface is set up in order to ensure communication equivalent to that of an integrated accounting solution.

The different modules can be accessed spontaneously via an easy to use and intuitive graphical interface based around the customer's account, which becomes the main entry point for customer-related features and information.

Adapted to your multi-site, multi-company, multi-brand organisation:
With its advanced configuration options, eCARS21 DMS adapts to your organisation with differentiated site/warehouse/shop, company, brand management based on shared customer, vehicle, after-sales data. Cross-company new car, used car and spare parts invoicing is automated.

Manufacturer Approvals:
We have been working closely with auto manufacturers for over 25 years and have developed interfaces with their I.T. systems, giving you real-time access to their services.

Benefits for you:
- Maximum productivity
- Integrated monitoring tools
- Cost-efficiency

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