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Engineering Solutions

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    Business Application Development
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    Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C, C++, or C#, Web Solutions - Other
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Our customer is a world class construction tool and fastening systems provider. Their fastening systems include mechanical and chemical anchors and solutions for upgrading or strengthening concrete constructions.

What kind of solution did we develop at Agito?

We developed program solutions that enabled planning concrete fastening with the help of mechanical or chemical anchors, and for concrete structure reinforcement and upgrading. We successfully integrated third party solutions in anchor calculation routines.

The software enables presentation of existing or new constructions in 3D and 2D.

Wizards and other tools enable simple and clear entry of dimensions, loading, material properties and other properties of the existing or future structure. The solution alerts the user about possible errors and discrepancies when entering data and finally drafts a table of possible solutions.

When making calculations it considers the selected geographical area, method of calculating, safety (legal) standards.

The result of using the application is a report with a calculation/plan in accordance with the chosen standard and installation instructions.

We also included a system of automatic updating, which also updates the data on products portfolio, related compliance certificates, new calculations and methods in addition to the last version of the software code.

Solution enables full exploitation and enhancements of particular products, goods, services or tools. Software wizards, top graphical user interface and expert system logic helps the user to describe his/her business problem and guides him/her to pick best possible solution to this problem within chosen requirements, standards, and software provider’s products.

Main goals of such solution are building the company brand name and supporting/accelerating sales. Software itself can be used by end consumers, consultants or sales representatives and reduce the decision time and project planning and implementation. Once the software is installed it periodically looks for new versions and automatically updates itself and thus distributes new company’s ideas, concepts, approaches, systems, calculations, services, products, support, etc.

Main features:
• Expert system and decision support.
• Increased product recognition and company brand trust.
• Sales acceleration and support.
• Product usability and usage enhancement by end customers and consultants.
• Shorter project planning and implementation/install.

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