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Agito d.o.o.

Outlook Meeting Organizer

by Agito d.o.o.
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    E-mail Hosting and Management, Mobile Devices and Applications
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    Microsoft Exchange Server Exchange Server Enterprise 2013, Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2013, Microsoft Office Standard 2013, Microsoft Outlook 2013
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    General - Applicable to All

Agito Outlook Meeting Organizer is excellent solution (plugin) for companies who use MS Exchange Server 2013 (or Office 365) and Outlook 2013.

In Outlook 2013 and Office 365 environment, Agito Outlook Meeting Organizer (OMO) helps you add these emails and tasks directly to meeting agenda, organize meeting and assign meeting action items as new Outlook tastk. OMO works both with keyboard & mouse and with touch technology (tablets).

OMO enables easy meeting creation, preparation of meeting materials, task creation and overview of their execution. From email, task and appointment, the user can create meetings with agenda in Outlook calendar simply with »drag – drop«. Such meetings can automatically determine the participants and the necessary materials for the meeting. Through calendar out the same process can be used to create Outlook tasks and events as meeting action items.

„Apps for Office“

Agito Outlook Meeting Organizer is built on Microsoft's »Apps for Office« platform, utilizing standard web technologies like HTML5, XML, CSS3, JavaScript and REST APIs to enrich and extend functionalities provided by supported Office 2013 and 365 applications.

User experience is identical across all clients, be it an Office Outlook 2013 desktop application, Outlook web access (OWA) or through the Office 365 cloud website.

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