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MAOP d.o.o. Ljubljana
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Point of Sale, Retail Systems
  • Works With

    Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8
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MAOP F&B Management System electronically supports all sale events at the point of sale. Connected with MAOP Material Management the system enables more effective hospitality information management.

Module functions :
• waiter login with personal code, magnetic/chip card or password
• item selection by predefined keys, item code or partial item description search
• order routing by tables, rounds , guests
• price individualization ( promotions, discounts, mark-ups )
• corrections and voids ( orders, quantities, receipts )
• various methods of payments ( cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, room expense, chip card/bracelet, ... )
• daily proceeds recapitulation
• sales journal
• reports and statistics
• different levels of user authorization

Module connectivity :
• bidirectional data transfer with MAOP Material management ( Back Office )
• supports use of keyboard or touch screen
• first on the slovenian market to provide the use of an Apple iPod for ordering from the guest table.
• connection with MAOP Hotel Management system (payment on room account)
• connection to a Gantner station ( payment by chip card or bracelet )

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