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RDK Word Add in provides the possibility to quickly create and send bulk emails associated with CRM. Add in simplify and improve use of MS CRM and optimize mailing processes.

Main Features:

- Sender
All users from CRM with email address. You can change sender simply by clicking on dropdown.

- More marketing lists
Emails can be sent to different marketing lists (Account, Contact, Lead) at the same time. No need to worry about duplicates. If more than one email address is present only one mail is send.

- Simplify mailing process
Mail Merge process was never easier. Your document or newsletter is prepared in Word and sent to marketing list members with less than 5 clicks.

- Performance
RDK Mail Merge uses email router to send emails so there is no performance issues on client computer. All emails sent from the server where email router is installed.

- Activity Creation
All sent emails are stored back to the regarding campaign activity in MS CRM. Campaign activity is created automatically.

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