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Soluto - Remote PC Management

by Soluto

Soluto is a cloud based service, built on Microsoft Azure, that allows you to remotely manage multiple PCs, anywhere in the world. Soluto is a web service that helps you to do more with your PC and also makes it simple for you to provide remote tech support.

Soluto can be used by businesses and consumers to:
- Shorten PC boot time
- Understand the causes of application crashes
- Remotely install and set up useful apps like Skype and Dropbox
- View important hardware data
- Defrag and clear disk space
- Configure browser and web settings
- Silently install important software updates
- Easily diagnose problems and repair PCs

Soluto proactively monitors the PCs you manage and alerts you when a PC requires your attention, freeing up your time to do other things.

It’s free to support up to 5 PCs, and businesses or individuals who want to support more than 5 PCs can do so for a low monthly fee.

Soluto supports PC users running Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, or XP, helping billions of people around the world to do more with their technology and get more out of their computers, and their time too.

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