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Agito Security Center for SharePoint

by Agito d.o.o.

Agito Security Center for SharePoint is a SharePoint plug-in, which introduces control and centralized management of your SharePoint environment.

Every enterprise portal requires some amount of user freedom for its quality and growth (content must be up to date and changes must be instant), which means that portal content is not static. Instead, it's as vibrant as your workplace with many users, where each has his own style and level of technical expertise. This unbalanced mix causes gradual loss of control and can lead to unreliability of your service.

On the other hand, IT department and Quality Assurance department must maintain control over the portal by providing audit trails and ensuring compliance with security policies.

Agito SecurityCenter for SharePoint is a solution which enforces compliance with security policies, enables audit trails and gives you total control over your SharePoint portal. The solution contains:
• Reports that enable comprehensive overview and control over your SharePoint environment.
• Notifications for violations of security policies. Providing a way to identify and overcome them in a timely fashion.
• Change tracking and audit trails.
• Self-service processes for managing your SharePoint environment. Significantly relieving IT department workload and lowering maintenance costs.

Agito Security Center for SharePoint introduces comprehensive overview and control over permissions, helping you meet prescribed legislation, internal regulations and auditing requirements.

With Self-Service processes in Agito Security Center for SharePoint IT department and content owners will be relieved from routine tasks of granting permissions and creating new sites form templates, giving them more time to focus on further growth and quality of your SharePoint service. These routine tasks are performed by Self-Service processes themselves as a final step in the approval process. This automation also ensures that correct site and permissions templates are used for a specific site and that permissions are applied according to your security policies.

Agito Security for SharePoint was developed based on our extensive experience in establishing enterprise portals on Microsoft Office SharePoint and implementations of Identity Management Systems. We provide answers on how to establish a customizable and usable business portal, transfer content management processes to end users and, above all else, ensure control over such a system.

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