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The AHP-Leitstand is one of the most successful planning tools on the software market. Even the most precise planning of processes and process-chains is never as perfect as there is no room for optimizations.

A realization that contributed the sale of more than 680 licences since 1985 to several production companies of different business areas.

The AHP-Leitstand handles resources and their allocation for production. The detailed representation of the cost locations in terms of constructions, machines and workstations shows the structure of the production. As special resources employees or tools could be included in the planning. The resources will be administrated and monitored at the AHP-Leitstand. This capacity offer is opposed to capacity demand.

Optimal sequences, maximum usage rate and the compliance to the delivery dates could be planned and monitored on the time axis. A reaction to short term changes of the capacity or order reality could be done very fast and practically by a mouse-click. The actual planning and it´s progress will be visible at any time currently even over system limits.

The planning is comprehensible for the user any time. The AHP-Leitstand is the perfect add-on to every ERP-System.

The level of detail from the ERP will be increased exactly in the areas where the increase of economic advance seems useful.

You get the AHP-Leitstand for all Microsoft Windows Professional and Server operation systems.

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