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With Barcode Studio you create linear, postal, GS1 and 2D codes in perfect quality. The bar codes are generated as bitmap images with adjustable resolution or as vector graphics files (EPS, PDF, PostScript). Simple bar code label printing tasks with additional caption texts are supported as well.

Guaranteed Barcode Quality

The expected bar code quality is displayed in real-time. With this unique feature you can qualify the bar code during design and avoid unreadable barcodes.

Preconfigured Bar Codes

Barcode Studio‘s ready-to-use templates for EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E and Deutsche Post Premiumadress (Data Matrix) make it easy to create industry compliant bar codes without special knowledge.

Batch Barcode Creation and Serial Numbers

To create multiple bar code images at once, the barcode data can be imported from TXT or CSV files (e.g. Microsoft Excel). Serial numbers are generated automatically on request. In addition, a full-featured command line interface supports integration into third party applications.

Easy Data Input

A data input assistant simplifies the creation of 2D barcodes for mobile tagging (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text messages, website visits, etc.) and electronic business cards (vCard, meCard).

For the creation of GS1 barcodes just select the required application identifiers (AIs). The assistant takes care of the proper data format and correct placing of FNC1 control characters.

Barcode Label Printing

Simple bar code labels, like price tags with multiple captions, are printed in no time at all. Printing is done on custom or branded label templates (e.g. Avery).

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