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BusinessConnect Social

by MARG d.o.o.
  • App Type

    Online Application
  • Business Need

    Content Management, Document Management, Cloud Computing - General
  • Works With

    Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFSv2), Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Silverlight, SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

BusinessConnect Social (BC Social) is a cloud-based service launched in 2012 that enables businesses and theirs employees, partners and clients to effortlessly collaborate, communicate, share content, and drive daily business workflows.

BC Social builds its appeal on a user experience that is based on best practices available in other social collaboration tools. It has a built in support for basic collaboration features (sharing, groups, invites, likes…), extensive content management support (various document formats, document versioning, audit trail, role and group based security) and online editing with Microsoft Office.

BC Social also supports a variety of mobile devices, which means it is available anywhere, anytime. It is based on the latest HTML5 standards allowing users to fully exploit the different form factors available in the market including the new Windows Mobile Phone 8.

BC Social also provides support for workflows in two ways. It uses user behavior learning to monitor how users involve other people in activities related to specific content. This allows users to publish workflow practices they believe are beneficial to other members of the community. This type workflow support is great for small companies that do not have the resources and the time to drive workflow streamlining projects. With the introduction of the BC Social ServiceStore in Q3/2012 we will also enable third-party providers to offer their workflows to BC Social clients. Using this approach we will be able to offer a wide set of workflows, allowing us to target a wider segment of the market.

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