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Cognosys Technologies Private Ltd.

CogFinServe a AI based Low Latency Algo Trading Platform

by Cognosys Technologies Private Ltd.

CogFinServe is a AI based Self learning Algorithmic Trading Platform with built in features for optimizations and Low latency trading. CogFinServe with Integrated CogMessaging Platform provides ultrafast ultrascalable low latency messaging architecture.
Being a Intel Premier Elite partner, Quantitative Trading Platform and Technical Analysis Software, CogFinServe Enterprise Suite; has been tested using Intel SAT tools to ensure performance optimizations for multi core processors. Trading Suite is built upon a Common Framework extending over web, windows and Mobile Computing Devices. While Leveraging Existing industry standards, It goes beyond, To embrace newest technologies leading to much higher throughput and low latency solution for Brokers, Market Data Vendors, professional traders and analysts.

Most Trading Platforms lack an Advanced technical analysis Platform with Technical Analysis Language and their performance is adversely affected with higher latency and Slow rendering especially when dealing with Multiple Symbols and diverse Vendors.

The end user Product is deployable on Desktop, Web or Mobile Units and has a Pluggable architecture to enable Multiple Data Vendors and Brokers through a common Interface with Auto trading and ability to trade on single click directly from chart.

A Rich Technical Analysis Language ensures A Much faster calculation of complex mathematical Models and supports Built-in ever-growing Library of 300+ indicators and 50+ trading system. Market Scanner calls recursively any number of Financial Models and update results directly on Mobile computing devices.

A Built-in Browser, SMS/IM Integration, Research Stock and Financial Results update ensures that technical Analysis is not far from Financial Analysis.

It is offered both under SaaS as well as SaS Model and loosely connects to backend servers while maintaining a Secured Database Locally which can be backed up to Secured Private Infovaults or Broker's Private Cloud.

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