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COMPAREX is a manufacturer-independent ICT Solution Provider throughout Europe and emerging markets. COMPAREX's expertise and longstanding experience with Software Provision is dynamic and customer focused, and complements our Hardware, Technical Support and Professional Services portfolio.

COMPAREX has grown both organically and through acquisition and operates in 26 countries with 70 branches, including emerging markets. The company structure supports both single and multi country customer needs, and allows for flexibility of purchasing structure.

COMPAREX is one of only 5 Microsoft LARs (Large Account Reseller) in the EMEA region. We are solution focused delivering best of breed products and services and contracts to our customer base of over 85,000 customers globally.

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Competencies & Certifications

Microsoft Partner
Gold Application Development
Gold Collaboration and Content
Gold Communications
Gold Data Platform
Gold Devices and Deployment
Gold Learning
Gold Management and Virtualization
Gold Messaging
Gold Server Platform
Gold Small Business
Gold Software Asset Management
Gold Volume Licensing
Silver Application Integration
Silver Business Intelligence
Silver Identity and Access
Silver Midmarket Solution Provider
Silver OEM