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Gama System d.o.o.

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Phone: +386 (1) 200 2280
Fax: +386 (1) 200 2290

Gama System is an ISV, providing solutions in document management and archiving space, as well as advanced solutions in other areas of software development.

The company is recognized for being technologically advanced and value-driven.

Founded in 1992, Gama System started as a consulting company, basing its competency against standard-based consulting jobs. During the growth period the company gathered recognition as an all-you-can-fathom developer company, allowing the most peculiar customers to satisfy their requirements.

Today, Gama System develops its own line of products, based on a proven Gama System Document Line platform, which is serving small companies employing fifty employees, as well as the largest companies in the country employing over 7.000 people.

The company’s offering consists of complex custom development systems for the end user, as well as certified document and archiving solutions in the document management space.

Gama System currently employs software engineers for development and is providing new value for its customers.

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