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Agito d.o.o.

Enterprise Portals

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Agito is a "Microsoft Partner" with Gold Portals and Collaboration" competency and member of "SharePoint Deployment Planning Services" and Business Critical SharePoint program.

Modern enterprise portals are not only static information dumps and corporate communication tools, instead they evolved to social driven platforms, where information, idea and opinion exchange is thriving, paving the way for new and better business ideas. In this regard enterprise portals follow the already proved and successful internet trends:

- Executive blogs are replacing Executive speech.
- Corporate news systems are being replaced with in house news portals where users can submit news.
- Quick polls are replaced by vibrant discussion forums.
- Strict content management is being replaced by a more relaxed wiki like system.
- Content tagging and rating support.
- Folksonomy is replacing taxonomy.
- Multimedia support with podcast.
- Smart-device support.
- Personalization.

These trends forced portal sites to evolve from monolithic ("one size fits all portals") to more modular content oriented portals joined by a common and user oriented entry point.

Our consultants help you:
- plan infrastructure deployment and configuration,
- adjust SharePoint look and feel to match your corporate identity,
- prepare or migrate your content,
- develop Line of Business integrations, implement your custom workflows,
- train your users, administration and content owners.

Agito Security Center for SharePoint is a SharePoint plug-in, which introduces control and centralized management of your SharePoint environment. Agito
Security Center for SharePoint is a solution which enforces compliance with security policies, enables audit trails and gives you total control over your
SharePoint portal.

Portal migration
If you want to migrate your existing enterprise portal environment or other external documents and information to a new Microsoft Office SharePoint portal, Agito can help you. For simpler, faster and quality migration Agito already has developed tools that are the result of experience or migration and / or setting up SharePoint portals to other customers.

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