Dynamics International - BS4U in EN

Dynamics International - BS4U in EN

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Dynamics International - BS4U in EN

Dynamics International - NAV - in EN

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Usually, Subsidiaries don't need to have a Business Solution as complex as their Headquarters one.
They also can miss to have locally the needed resources for deploying or maintaining a large ERP solution.

The ideal solution for International Groups and Multi-Countries Companies, is to have an access to a reliable and scalable Platform solution, in order to provide local subsidiaries with a relevant solution matching with their needs not depending on their functional expectations, size, field of activity, or countries specificities.

There, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision) provide a full set of countries localisations compliant with local regulations.

Dynamics International - BS4U has a strong experience in deploying NAV for international organisations, and in optimizing their business processes, such as :
- Financial Data Consolidation. In order to be compliant with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) and IAS (International Accounting Standards). In the same idea, local subsidiaries will have a business solution compliant with local rules
- Better know the Group level of business. In order to keep control on the whole organisation and receive information in a clear and understandable format, easy to share.
- Share master data. In order to centrally maintain data, such as products catalog, suppliers, pricelists, customers data and frequently dispatch Group data
- Allowing intercompany flux. Sites often need to share stock information with other subsidiaries, in order to optimize stock management, workflow management and more simply, deliver goods and invoice them to customers.

The Dynamics International solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly know as Navision) allows to provide customers with a reliable answer to technical or functional requests, manage solution improvements, and grow the solutions to grow as the Group does, in France or anywhere else.

In any case, Dynamics International resources, will be able to manage the deployment project, in order to make the NAV solution compliant with Group expectations (wether it is based on a Core Model or not) and compliant with local rules and functional needs (after receiving the prior Group agreement on functions)

Then, feel free to request our help and to go to our website : http://www.dynamicsinternational.com/en

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