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The application that we developed for our client has all the design features of a Metro style app. Articles and news entries that populate client’s website appear on the application. There are image galleries to view images present in latest articles and an in-app video streaming feature to watch videos without leaving the application. Videos and audios can be configured to stream in other devices connected to the home network. Special video shows and podcasts that the client publishes have separate sections in the application. Users can get quick access to the special programs from these sections.

It is also possible to search for content from outside the application and share content from within the application to others through email and social media. When minimized, the app becomes a tile along with other applications on the desktop. In the minimized state, the audio launched from the app will continue to play. The app will also continue to get updates from the client’s website and notify the user whenever there is a successful update.

We developed the application in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RC for Windows 8 using C#. For communication with other apps, we created source contracts that enable smooth search and share features.

Non-stop stream of news and articles
Photo galleries to view latest gadgets
Video streaming of special programs within the app
Audio streaming in the background
Quick access to podcasts
The apps will minimize as tiles on the desktop but can periodically ask for updates from web services through WNS
(Windows Push Notification Services). Users can provide input to Windows 8 apps using pen, mouse, keyboard and
touch. A combination of these input sources will also work. Microsoft allows apps to also communicate with other apps through contracts. Contracts are a set of guidelines that has to be met to establish communication between apps. Once
established, the source contract from one app can contact the target contract in another app to search or share

The Metro style is new to Window Operating System but it is expected to gain popularity especially among business owners.

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