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Healthcare Business Intelligence

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The hospital setting is not much different than any other company: it is aimed at reducing costs in all sectors (pharmaceuticals, medical imaging, etc.) while still providing an excellent service. The patient has also become a customer and expectations have become high, which makes financial stability a key objective. This is where Business Intelligence kicks in.
By providing detailed dashboards and KPI reports that are fine-tuned for a health care environment, GFI can deliver an easy way to analyze data and maximize profitability. Our unique strategy revolves around four keywords that help ensure the success in the implementation of a Business Intelligence solution within a hospital.

- Business skills
- Training and coaching competence
- Project management
- Technology knowledge

Benefits :
- Quick, easy, reliable and secure access to the data warehouse
- Defining inspection reports for rapid ROI solution
- Improving the quality of data in decentralized systems
- More time available for Management to analyze results
- Autonomous users in using the Business Intelligence solution
- Independent of external IT suppliers
- A solution that is scalable and easy to manage for its users
- Functional and technical analysis documents are sent to the hospital
- Detailled documentation of all mapped data sources to the data warehouse
- Creating clear procedures prior to making the system available for the users
- Autonomous system that is independent of production databases
- Open system that is connectable with various operational software of the hospital (Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, Access, DB2, etc.

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