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HMS Software

Creating an EPM Environment with TimeControl, Microsoft Project and SharePoint

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Computer/PC Training, Intranets, Extranets, Portals, Financial Compliance
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    Microsoft Project Professional 2010, Microsoft Project Professional 2013, Microsoft Project Server 2010, Microsoft Project Server 2013, Microsoft... (more)
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    Government, Manufacturing

TimeControl is a project-oriented timesheet system and because of its multiple-role nature, is very flexible.  An unlimited number of user-defined fields can be added to the project, charge, employee and rate tables, allowing the data to be grouped, summarized or sub-divided in an infinite number of ways. 

This allows data to be sent back to Microsoft Project at the task level yet group the same data to the department level for reporting and summarize the same data to an accounting code level for integration with an ERP system.   

With TimeControl displayed right inside of SharePoint, the user does not have to depart the familiar SharePoint interface to complete their timesheet in the few minutes per week it will require.  This has a significant impact on how quickly TimeControl can be deployed and be accepted by end users.

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