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NAV Utilities Add-on: Billing, Waste, Water, Gas, Electricity Supply

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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service
  • Business Need:

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Works With:

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5
  • Industry Focus:


Management of progressive delivery is a module which is designed for companies whose business is the distribution of energy (gas, water, electricity and telecommunications) to inventory counters, statements and periodic invoicing of energy consumption. Module in the reduced form is also useful for companies that need periodic or one-time charge and manage subscriptions or charges (e.g., subscription to the printed material, cable TV, memberships, telephone service, waste management, etc...).

• support contracts for the construction of the connector
• support contracts for the supply
• support for network construction, network maintenance and installation of meters
• support for reading of meters (several methods)
• mass invoicing, UPN special payment, payment by installments
• advanced system for managing claims and admonishing
• Support census questionnaire sheet and satisfaction
• Management of public utilities is a module that covers the needs of companies engaged in communal activities (collection and disposal of waste, landfill of waste management) and activities that are related to municipal activities (waste management, funeral services, burial grounds management, maintenance areas (green areas, traffic, etc.)., construction activity, flower shop, mechanical workshop with fleet management, carpentry workshop, maintenance and management of buildings, leases, etc,...).

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