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Port-Line brand combines a range of information solutions and services that support logistic processes in shipping, air or land transport. In search for an efficient operation, members of the logistic community are in need of information solutions which allow quick and simple integration to different information subsystems, efficient deployment of new services, information interchange with other members in logistic chain and providing of necessary information to all interested organizations (customs, railway, ship owners, forwarders, agents...)

Competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, quality and reliability of logistic services

Seaport, inland, air and intermodal terminals are nowadays involved in a global cargo exchange and international operations where expectations of every logistic community member are extremely high. Most important conditions for business success are readiness for rapid changes, flexibility, high reliability and availability. In addition to those criteria the quality of logistic services depends on speed and process simplicity where the use of modern information and communication tools is crucial.

The core of the PORT-Line brand lays in the product PCS (Port Community System) which covers business automation in large logistic companies such as seaport, land, air and intermodal terminals. The product allows automation of message and data interchange, their timely and correct delivery and a proper system for validation between stakeholders in the logistic environment that comprises operators (Port Community) and administration of port operations (Port Authority). The product offers easy connectivity with the new subjects. That brings wider business agility and transparency of transactions.

With Actual Services, we enrich our products with superior technical support.

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