November 5, 2011


Fortify Your Business with Microsoft BI

Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions can help your IT department proactively empower your employees with self-service capabilities while retaining the ability to monitor, manage, and govern the data and solutions your teams create. Built on Microsoft SQL Server, and able to integrate with intuitive, familiar tools like Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server products, Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions have the agility to respond quickly to changes, and scale to the growing needs of your organization.

Key Benefits

Self-Service: Your employees can continue to use the tools they like best, such as Microsoft Excel, while your IT department manages the integrity and stability of data and solutions.

Dashboards and Scorecards: Access information and monitor performance from virtually any data source across your organization. These tools ship as part of SharePoint Server, giving you central management, while enabling customized use such as advanced filtering, analytics and data exploration from within a single browser.

Collaboration: Through a single, centralized, managed, and secure environment, your employees can more easily connect and collaborate, share expertise, share business reports and analysis, and find information across both structured and unstructured sources.

Reporting: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (which ships with SQL Server) lets you access and combine data from virtually any data source, and enables everything from ad-hoc business reporting to powerful authoring environments for IT pros and developers. For increased accessibility and elasticity, take reporting to the cloud through Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting.

Analytics: SQL Server Analysis Services (which ships with SQL Server) allows you to predict revenue and understand sales trends. Pull together analytical models from virtually any data source across your organization with the industry’s leading OLAP solution.

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining: Dig deeper to identify hidden trends and relationships in your data. SQL Server Analysis Services lets you show predictive analytics in your reports, dashboards, and scorecards. Use Data Mining Add-ins for Excel to support a broader range of users.

Data Integration and Data Warehousing: Microsoft data warehousing solutions help you reduce long-term storage requirements and generate reports faster through dynamic, scalable, integrated systems. For 24/7 access to data, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 gives you high-availability technologies that offer high scalability and performance at low cost.

BI Solutions to Suit Your Specific Needs

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