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North American Transportation Maps Road to IT Success with Lanlogic

Where do you turn when one of your senior managers says that your IT infrastructure is “one crash away from a catastrophe?”

If you’re North American Transportation, a full-service logistics and transportation management company, you search for a Microsoft partner—fast.

North American Transportation, headquartered in Hayward, California, on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, is renowned for its advanced truck fleets and the company expedites deliveries across the continent with dry and refrigerated vans, and flatbed truck and rail service.

“We had so many IT pain points, it’s difficult to recall them all,” says Kevin Burkfield, North American Transportation CFO and controller. Sharon Wilson, vice president of business development at North American Transportation, adds that the company had traditionally considered IT technology an expense, not an investment. “We were at a point where we needed reliable, ongoing IT resources. It was time to change our thinking about IT.”


Charting a New Course with a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Wilson says that North American Transportation interviewed several IT service providers, but Lanlogic offered the best solution for value. “We wanted a partner that could demonstrate a track record of helping other companies through similar IT challenges. Learning that Lanlogic is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner was a big plus,” says Burkfield. He adds that seeing their customer reviews on Pinpoint, gave them good insight into Langlogic’s capabilities.

Founded in 1995, and located in Livermore, California, Lanlogic helps clients control costs and reduce risk by providing a wide range of dependable, comprehensive IT services.

The positive customer reviews that Lanlogic features on its Microsoft Pinpoint profile proved valuable. Joe Foos, director of sales and marketing at Lanlogic, appreciates that North American Transportation found Lanlogic on Pinpoint. “Pinpoint is a nice portal and interface for customers to easily discover partner products, solutions and experiences.”


Getting Down to Business

North American Transportation commissioned Lanlogic to complete a comprehensive technology assessment. “It was the first time we’d had someone fully assess our IT and Lanlogic really opened our eyes to setting some attainable and affordable IT goals,” says Burkfield.

Foos says that North American Transportation was in a constant break-and-fix mode, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to efficiently manage an IT system. Many of the company’s PCs and laptops were out of warranty and needed to be replaced, its Internet service was sluggish, there was no IT monitoring, and perhaps most critically, no adequate data backup existed. “Implementing secure offsite data storage was obviously a major priority.”

“We also needed to stabilize their printing capabilities, which had become very unreliable. North American Transportation and its customers needed consistent and capable printing for creating bills of laden, packing lists, and invoices—the basics of running the business and generating cash flow.”


Driving Home a Solution

Lanlogic helped North American Transportation prioritize which IT hardware and software solutions would be implemented first. “We replaced desktops, added workstations and laptops, upgraded the system to Office 2007, installed a small business server, instituted a new firewall and antivirus software, created a solid data-backup system, and implemented a comprehensive business continuity plan,” says Foos.

Every week, a Lanlogic IT specialist is embedded onsite for half a day at North American Transportation to provide ongoing expertise. Wilson says, “Having a single point of contact and specific person to support us each week is essential. It’s not necessary for us to staff full-time IT personnel. And we’re getting better IT expertise as a result.”


24/7 Remote Monitoring “A Big Benefit”

Burkfield says it’s a huge relief to have a reliable, highly functional IT system in place. “Before, our IT landscape was just cobbled together,” he said. “Now everything is part of a plan. We have new servers, new software, and our system is a lot more secure. It’s really nice having an expert that we can contact anytime. When we’re in a jam, I can get immediate help.”

Recently, the Internet service at North American Transportation was not working properly, but it was close to 5:00 p.m. on a Friday. As Burkfield relates: “In the past, we would have been in real trouble—it’s really tough getting a hold of someone late on a Friday afternoon. But working with Lanlogic makes things so much easier. I just called our designated IT guy, he started diagnosing the problem, and everything was fixed by the time our workweek started on Monday.”

More often than not, Burkfield said, Lanlogic’s remote monitoring prevents IT glitches from occurring. “It’s so much more efficient to function proactively than reactively,” he says.

Wilson says, “That 24-hour monitoring is a big benefit to us. We needed better security with our system and Lanlogic has been able to achieve it.”

Lanlogic's Rapid Response Center reports the following statistical data:

  • Greater than 70 percent of incidents are resolved remotely, typically in less than 30 minutes.
  • Ninety percent of phone calls are answered by a live person immediately; messages are returned within one hour.
  • Escalated incidents of a critical nature receive onsite support within four hours.

Dependable, Workable IT: A Necessity in Today’s Business World

“Many companies want to come in and revamp your system with what they think is the best,” Wilson says. “That does not always suit a company’s culture or budget. Lanlogic put an IT system in place that worked for us.

“In the past, when we had a full-time employee handling our IT, many things were missed. When the network, e-mail, and Internet went down, it could take days to get back on line. That is unacceptable in today’s business environment.”

“We are definitely happy with Lanlogic and their service,” Burkfield says. “They’ve stabilized our system to what it is now.”

Judging from Lanlogic’s outstanding customer reviews on Pinpoint, many other companies are happy, too. Representative comments include:

  • “The Lanlogic level of service and expertise far exceeds our expectations.”
  • “Everyone with whom we interact at LanLogic takes a genuine interest in solving our IT problems and meeting our needs.”
  • “…they really took the time to understand our business, they gave us a proposal that addressed all of our needs (including ones we didn't think about), and they delivered everything on time and on budget.”

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Lanlogic is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Windows Intune Blackbelt and Cloud Accelerate partner based in the San Francisco Bay area.


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