Add Application and Professional Service Listings

Fully Showcase Your Offerings

By listing all of your qualified Microsoft applications and services, you dramatically increase customers’ ability to find you. And you make your solutions available for listing in the product-specific marketplaces that Pinpoint supports.

Follow these steps to add listings:

  1. (Newly listed partners) Wait three business days for the Company Overview you submitted during Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) enrollment to appear on the Pinpoint Dashboard.
  2. Access the Dashboard. You will be prompted to complete a Pinpoint New User Signup form the first time you log in.
  3. Add listingsreferring to the requirements belowand submit them for approval.
  4. Allow up to 15 business days for new listings to appear on the Pinpoint live site. (Note: Publish times may vary for different countries. Learn more about profile publish times.)

If you have previously updated your Pinpoint profile, follow steps 2 through 4.



  1. Make sure your offerings qualify to be listed on Pinpoint. Review the Applications and Professional Services Listing Criteria.
  2. Name your Applications or Professional Services according to Pinpoint Profile Guidelines:
    • One-word minimum and maximum of 10 words or 100 characters.
    • Cannot be the same as an existing Microsoft product.
    • If your service is reselling a Microsoft product, the words “Sales” or “Reseller” must be included in the service name. Example: Microsoft Dynamics Reseller.
    • Capitalize the first letter of each word. If, however, your offering name is branded, please express the name exactly as it is branded.

Read the complete Pinpoint Profile Guidelines.

See a sample listing.



The more clearly you present your offerings, the more easily customers can determine a fit for their needs. Here are some pointers.

  1. Be direct and conversational in tone. Examples: “Our application helps you …” “It solves the specific industry need for …”
  2. Use succinct, relevant keywords and phrases. To improve readability and search rankings, integrate keywords into:
    • The names of your offerings. These should tell customers what the offerings do. Note: You can include a Microsoft product name in your application or professional service name ONLY if the name also includes an additional descriptor or qualifier that indicates what your offering does for customers or how it enhances the Microsoft product.
    • “Works With” products. Call out the specific Microsoft products your application or professional service augments or supports. (Be sure to choose the relevant Microsoft “Works With” products from the drop-down menu in the Dashboard when entering your Application and Professional Service Listings.)

    Read more about keywords.

  3. Do NOT include:
    • Overstatement or overpromise, including grandiose or unsubstantiated claims about your company’s expertise or position in the market, or statements about goods, services, or outcomes that you are unable or do not intend to deliver.
    • Vague or general statements about your application or service.
    • Marketing jargon or “fluff.” Provide fact-based details only.
    • Overly technical language. Ensure your listing can be understood by everyone, from the office administrator to the business owner.
    • Detailed descriptions of common customer problems. Customers already know what their problems are. Tell customers what you can do to help them. Speak to the benefits of using your application or service.
  4. Speed the approval process by adhering to the Pinpoint Profile Guidelines.
  5. Keep your listings up to date. Log in to the Dashboard to remove outdated offerings and submit new ones.
  6. Monitor traffic using analytics available on the Dashboard. This can help you make informed decisions about how to improve your listings.
  7. Want to multiply your exposure? Submit the same application or professional service as multiple listings targeted to customers in different industries. To do this, you must treat each listing as a unique offering.
    • The name of each offering must clearly call out the intended use or industry.
    • The description of each offering must be differentiated and targeted by using keywords that are specific to the intended use or industry.


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